29.03.2014 Empire - Cloud 9: waiting for semi-final

The roads to the Dota 2 Champions League semi-finals have been vastly different for the two teams. On Monday, March 30th, we will find out what will the deciding factor be this time around: internal or external stability?

27.03.2014 Na'Vi - Alliance: El Clasico!

On March 28th the two teams will face each other again in the Dota 2 Champions League. Here, the score of previous encounters has no importance anymore. No more rematches or old grudges. The only thing that matters is who will come out on top this time around.

24.03.2014 D2CL statement regarding Fnatic - Cloud 9 situation

Yesterday, as part of a match between Fnatic and Cloud9, an unpleasant incident occurred resulting in one of the team's forfeiting the first game. You may find the official declaration concerning the incident from the DotA 2 Champions League administration below.

15.03.2014 Dear sirs, freebies!

Natus Vincere vs, Emipre vs the Alliance and other magnificent matches of the D2CL S2 groupstage have become replays. For the past few weeks almost fifteen hundred “rares”, a few dozen of “arcanes” have been passed on to the good hands of our viewers while we’ve been thoroughly making our final preparations before the play-offs.

24.02.2014 The 1st milestone is reached!

A few days ago we announced five bonuses that will become available for ticket holders when the prize pool of DotA 2 Champions League reaches a certain milestone.

19.02.2014 5 reasons to buy a ticket!

DotA 2 Champions League organizers – Dreamz Media Group company, is pleased to announce to all DotA 2 fans five additional reasons for purchasing tickets for the current season.

11.02.2014 Natus Vincere vs "Bears"

Natus Vincere and will play today their first games of DotA 2 Champions League season two.

09.02.2014 Rangers on the liquid

Get ready to 1st game between Team Liquid and Power Rangers!

07.02.2014 D2CL Season II announce

Dreamz Media Group Company is pleased to announce that season two of Dota 2 Champions League will start on February 9th at 21:00 Moscow time. 

21.01.2014 D2CL full participant list

Following the qualifiers and community poll, the organizers have made a decision regarding their team of choice.

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