19.09.2014 [Updated] 3 LAN-finals slots for Europe

Dota 2 Champions League administration regrets to inform that the games in CN-division are cancelled. In this regard, Chinese LAN-finals slot goes to the EU-division.

17.09.2014 Halfway done!

European division of D2CL Season 4 has reached its mid-point. Half of the scheduled matches have been played and most of them ended with score 1-1. Almost every team had a tie in at least one of their matches. However, first things first.

16.09.2014 Chase after Rangers and outsiders battle

Yesterday Cloud9 had their chance to make up for their failed debut in D2CL Season 4. Match between Power Rangers (3-3) and Cloud9 (0-2) would decide, who was going to grab 3rd place in the standings.

11.09.2014 Peruvian derby tonight!

5 out of 9 matches in EU-division ended in a tie. The battle between Natus Vincere and Fnatic was no exception, which started 40 minutes later than planned due to Fnatic being late for the match, which they were punished for with penalty points. As any match with Na`Vi is, this game was a true gift for Dota 2 fans.

10.09.2014 Debut of Fnatic and battle for leadership in US-division

The only notable thing about vs Team Empire match last night is that the first blood was spilled no sooner than after 15-minute mark, and that several Tier 2 towers were already missing by then. Apart from that, the games turned out to be pretty dull.

09.09.2014 A night of ties and a Russian derby

Yesterday at D2CL Season 4 ended with 2 tied games. Former world champions – Alliance played with Team Empire twice in a row.

07.09.2014 Another week full of great matches!

The first match will be between division leader and its bottom feeder. Team Empire vs The Alliance promises to be intense, since in case of loss, the Swedish team will almost lose the opportunity to advance to play-offs.

04.09.2014 PR show!

Yesterday was another bad day for The Alliance as they fell even deeper in the tournament bracket of Season 4. No one could expect such erratic play from former world champions, but maybe this is the price to pay for changing rosters in a hurry.

03.09.2014 Power Rangers vs Alliance & Team Tinker

Yesterday Team Tinker showed everyone that they are not to be underestimated and EGM got an additional mood boost for defeating his ex-teammates from The Alliance.

02.09.2014 Today: Alliance vs. Team Tinker

The first day of Season 4 went down a storm! After post TI4 silence, classic Na`Vi vs. Alliance rivalry shined with new colors in a second match of D2CL Season 4.

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