LAN-finals start this Friday!

D2CL Season 4 is nearing its end: for 3 days (October, 31st – November 2nd) four strongest teams will fight for champions title at DreamHack Masters Bucharest!

Double Elimination brackets will be used for LAN-finals with all matches being in Best-of-3 format, with the exception of Grand Finals, which will be Best-of-5. The opening match will be between Natus Vincere and Team Empire, and after that Team Tinker will battle Nyx. You can find the full schedule of the tournament below.

We would like to remind you that all the matches will be available on livestreams, brought to you by VeRsuta and LighTofHeaven in Russian, and by TobiWan and 7ckingmad in English. The host of our LAN-finals will be no one else but wonderful Sheever.

Also, don't forget that we will crown the winner of Manager X at the finals. You can't know who won it yet, but you can already check out the trophy that the winner will get!


31.10 11:00  Natus Vincere [x:x] Team Empire
31.10 15:30  Team Tinker [x:x] NYX

01.11 12:00 CET Lower bracket semi-final
01.03 16:30 CET Upper bracket final

02.03 09:00 CET Lower bracket final
02.03 17:00 CET MSK Grand-final

By acquiring our Dota 2 in-game ticket, you are increasing the prize pool by $2.5 and also getting an awesome courier! So what are you waiting for?

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