New time and format of Power Rangers — Team Tinker game

The final match of EU-division playoffs for the last spot in LAN-finals was due to be played tomorrow (October, 20th) at 19:15 CET in a Best-of-5 format.

Today, Team Tinker informed league administration about a mistake in their schedule and that they will not be able to have a full lineup for the earlier appointed time. According to Team Tinker manager, the situation is the following:

«Do to Team Tinker flying out for Starladder LAN, an unusually busy schedule this week and with D2CL's LAN Final so near, the only option we could find was to play a bo3 playoff early on Monday before players depart to Kiev.»

After considering all the options and getting the agreement from Power Rangers to modify match time and format, D2CL administration has decided to move the game to 16:00 CET and have it in Best-of-3 format. Apart from that, Team Tinker will have a maximum time penalty in pick/ban phase on all maps in this game.

League administration would like to thank Power Rangers for cooperation and also apologize to Dota 2 fans who were hoping to watch a Best-of-5 game.

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