Playoffs finish line

The European division will soon end as the teams have only 3 matches left ahead of them. Very soon we will know who will fight for the champions title along with SNA and Team Empire at LAN-finals.

In winners bracket final we have Natus Vincere vs Power Rangers. The Ukrainian team had a tough match vs Fnatic, but still could bring it to a 2-0 finish. PR had 3 long battles (~1 hour each) against Team Tinker and now they are 1 step away from their trip to LAN-finals. The group stage match between these 2 teams ended in a tie, so prepare yourselves for a tight game!

And today's match is loser bracket final between Fnatic and Team Tinker. Fnatic could get into playoffs because Cloud9 withdrew from the tournament and have not been performing too good lately, so it will definitely be a tough game for them. Team Tinker will most probably pursue to please their fans with various picks, spectacular games and epic comebacks. LAN-finals are really close, so will SingSing and his teammates be able to handle the pressure? The answer will be revealed tonight!

D2CL Season 4 playoffs:

Fnatic [x:x] Team Tinker (17.10 21:45 CET \ 23:45 MSK) [bo3]
Na'Vi [x:x] Power Rangers (18.10 18:00 CET \ 20:00 MSK) [bo5]

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