D2CL statement regarding Alliance disqualification

Tonight at D2CL Season 4 the last two matches of The Alliance were due to be played. Unfortunately, The Alliance could not participate in these matches and therefore were disqualified from the tournament. Also, all results of previously played matches featuring The Alliance were nullified. You can find the official statement of D2CL below. 

Several days ago The Alliance asked D2CL administration to postpone both remaining matches (vs Fnatic and to October, 14th. D2CL could not agree to that for several reasons: The Alliance not having a wildcard available (it was used earlier for the match against which was originally scheduled for September, 30th) and the beginning of play-off stage, scheduled for October, 14th. LAN-finals start pretty soon and some teams need to make visas to get to Bucharest, and therefore play-off stage can not be delayed. The Alliance management was informed about this. 

During the last several days D2CL administration had tried to understand if The Alliance would have been able to play on October, 7th. Today, 30 minutes prior to the game start, The Alliance management told D2CL that the team will not be able to play against Fnatic but will play against, and did not answer any questions about this. Later one of The Alliance players overturned the words of team management and stated that his team will forfeit both matches. 

According to league rules, a team is punished with 15 Penalty Points for refusing to play a match. Therefore, The Alliance receive 60 Penalty Points and are disqualified from the league (clause 4.3) and all their current results in Season 4 are nullified. It was the most hard, though the only right decision, which meet the sport standards and allow to put everyone in equal terms. 

D2CL administration would like to apologize for an inaccuracy in league rules which stated that a team gets 15 Penalty Points for a whole Best of 2 match, but not for each map. The earlier occurred situation with Natus Vincere getting 15 Penalty Points for refusing to play Map 2 against Cloud9 is by the numbers with league rules.

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