The battle for playoffs

Yesterday was an unusual gameday at D2CL Season 4. Several days ago the match between Team Tinker (8-6) and Fnatic (2-4) ended in the middle of Map 2 due to DDoS-attacks. Despite a huge patch being implemented with Roshan changing its habitat and Fnatic modifying their roster, it was possible to load the saved game and finish it successfully. As a result — 12th tie in EU-division.

Team Tinker (8-6) and Cloud9 (7-7) have finished their regular matches. At this point they are placed 2nd and 3rd in the standings. Now fate of their playoff spot is in the hands of other teams, such as Fnatic and (3-5) who will play their match later tonight. The russian squad still has chances of advancing to playoffs, but they have to win at least 4 out of 6 remaining maps.

20:30 CET \ 21:30 Kiev \ 22:30 MSK Fnatic [x:x]

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