Statement about DDoS attacks

During the last 2 days the participating teams have been having troubles with DDoS-attacks during the games. These problems with connection have caused D2CL administration to postpone the games. You can find the official statement of Dreamz Media below.

D2CL administration is sympathetic of DDoS-attacks on several players. Despite that it is not the players who are not the ones to blame for DDoS-attacks, they are still responsible for the match disruption in a way that they were not able to conceal their IP-address, and the managers should provide a reserve Internet connection for the players

A professional football player who has lost his playing kit should only blame himself for not having an extra kit and most probably missing the next game. With that in mind, D2CL administration reaches out to participating teams' management with the idea that they should take all the essential measures of protecting Internet connection of the players during official matches. From this moment, DDoS-attacks or other Internet problems that occur after match start will not be a valid reason to postpone the match or hold the pause more than 10 minutes (as allowed by league rules).

Best regards,
D2CL administration.

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