Fnatic's day

Yesterday we had only 1 match, but how intense it was! First victory for Natus Vincere (6-4) and first loss of Team Empire (7-3). The influence of this result seems to be insignificant, but Empire's chances to be the unquestioned leader of EU-division suddenly wavered and Na`Vi made their first big step to the top-4.

Today Fnatic (1-1) make their comeback to D2CL and start their pursuit of other teams, as they have only played 1 match so far. First they will face Team Tinker (7-5), who currently reside at 2nd place, and after that – Cloud9 (2-4), who are not performing too well. As opposed to Fnatic, who are at the very start, Team Tinker get their next-to-last chance to surpass Team Empire, at least for the time being.

As for Cloud9, who are surprisingly amongst the outsiders of EU-division, they need points the most, since so far they haven't even secured a playoff spot, where the remaining 2 slots in LAN-finals will be competed for.

Don't miss today's matches:

18:00 CET \ 19:00 Kiev \ 20:00 MSK Fnatic [x:x] Team Tinker
20:00 CET \ 21:00 Kiev \ 22:00 MSK Fnatic [x:x] Cloud9

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